POLISHED TOP GLOSS **use with pigments for ultimate mirror finish**

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Elegant Glass Nails has came out with a GAME CHANGER! This amazing no cleanse top gloss will ENHANCE any pigments you "rub" into it as well as provide immaculate shine!!! NO need to use 2 products, you can TOP pigment with this gel as well for an amazing shine and flawless wearability! Can be used as a TOP GLOSS without pigments! Just cure the full 60 seconds LED! 


Apply POLISHED on top of your acrylic or gel polish and cure LED for 10 SECONDS (that is it.. do not over cure)

RUB your pigment into the no cleanse top gloss using a pigment applicator or silicone tool!! 

TOP with POLISHED and cure for 60 SECONDS!! No need to wipe it is a no cleanse! 

Enjoy amazing shine for 2+ weeks!!